The Wedding Video

Hello World!

Last time I talked to you I was still just Miss Patton and now I am the new Mrs. Clark! I am officially a Sadie, Sadie Married Lady and couldn’t be happier about it. So far the married life was definitely created with me in mind. Calvin and I have always been fans of the simple things and we have already loved settling into our routine. And boy did I definitely gain some perks marrying Calvin. I have quickly adjusted to him cooking for me (I am currently having a huge obsession with his taco salad), his ability to make me laugh after a tiring day, and having a person to wake up to every morning. I love going grocery shopping with him, laying together while I am reading and he’s watching sports, and just sharing everything (even our finances!)  I love when I was writing a birthday card signing everything as “we” and “us.” If you don’t like sharing, marriage definitely won’t be for you. But for me, it has been pretty amazing.

Today it has officially been a month since our wedding day! I can’t believe the month has already come and gone. Time certainly flies while you are having fun, and Calvin and I have definitely had more than our fair share in the past 30 days.  The entire week leading up to the wedding was full of fun events that made both Calvin and I feel so special and loved (will share more with you over the next couple of weeks!) And of course our Honeymoon was more than amazing, so definitely make sure to come back next week to read all about it! We’ve also taken a road trip to San Francisco since being home and also been so busy filling our apartment with furniture, attempting to change my name, and just doing all of the stuff necessary to combine our lives. While planning a wedding was busy, life definitely hasn’t slowed down and that’s just the way we like it!

But today I am so excited to share with all of you some of the highlights from our Wedding Day! It is so true when people say that a wedding video lets you live the day all over again. So when an email showed up in my inbox Saturday morning with this video I basically jumped out of bed and watched it 829,490,357 times. I have been restraining myself from sharing it with everyone right away, but I knew I had to share it on the monthaversary! It is so fun to see some of the little moments I missed or just relive memories from this happiest of days. The day goes by soooo fast that it is almost a blur so seeing a video definitely brings it all back. I can’t wait to see the full-length version in a couple of weeks! I know this post is short and sweet, but once I get some pictures I will share a full low down on what happened on August 27th. So for now, catch a glimpse into our wedding day below.

Happy #TiedtheKnotTuesday! Can’t wait to see you again next week to talk about the honeymoon!


Hayley Clark

Meet My Bridesmaid: Berkeley

I am getting married this week. I can’t believe I am even writing that. It is something I have thought of and planned for for so long.  This day has definitely been something I have been looking forward to. I can’t wait to marry Calvin. I couldn’t be more excited to finally share the details of this day with all of you on the newly named Young & Married. So keep coming back because even though I’ll have tied the knot I still have so much to share! And it couldn’t be more right that I am introducing my bridesmaid Berkeley to the blog today. Since graduating from college, she has been my roommate and closest confidant. Living with her post college definitely brought us so close and I wouldn’t trade our time living together for anything. We had so much fun and she was definitely there for me when it came to everything to do with this wedding. She has been such a calm and positive presence in my life and I am so thankful that she was my last roommate before life with Calvin.

Berkeley is that friend who you can take anywhere. And after my wedding shower, I am pretty sure my entire family wanted to adopt her. She is so easygoing and I always loved our Bachelorette Mondays, San Diego Zoo trips, Holiday festivites and walks to Bar Method! I can always count on a giggle in my work day when she tags me in a funny instagram. It has been so fun this past year because she is not only participating in my wedding, but she was also prepping for her own Brother’s wedding (which happened this past Saturday.) It was always so fun to share what was happening in each of the weddings! She has definitely been in a wedding frenzy this past year, I am sure she’ll be happy to never hear about another wedding again! hahaha. I can’t wait for all of the memories and times to come because everything is fun with Berkeley.

So Meet Berkeley or as I call her Berk!

How did you meet Hayley?
We were both spring admits at USC. It’s so funny because just a few weeks ago we stumbled upon our Facebook messages that go allllll the way back to July 26, 2010. She had messaged me asking if I wanted to go to Welcome Week with her, y’know, because why not get a head start on socializing?! We’ve been close ever since those “SAπ” days (Spring Admits 2011… yes, we named our own sorority. If you cant beat em join em, right?)

What is one of your favorite memories with Hayley?

Over our six-year friendship there’s so many that come to mind — from her magical overnight birthdays at Disneyland to being roomies post-USC… the memories are endless. But if I had to choose I’d say my favorite has been from this past year leading up to her wedding. Getting to live with Hayley during such a special and pivotal moment in her life has been an absolute pleasure. Whether it’s an engagement party, bridal shower or bridesmaid brunch she’s set the bar SO high for all our weddings down the road! And, of course, I have to mention the bachelorette weekend in San Diego. I was honored (and a bit nervous tbh) to throw my very first one ever but I definitely think it was a success! Hayley? 😉

What are you looking forward to most at the wedding?

Over this past year I’ve gotten bits and pieces of intel out of Hayley (she’s been very top secret) so I’m most looking forward to finally seeing her vision come to life (and seeing her in her dress!!). I know the whole evening will be nothing short of spectacular and dreamy.


What song do you want to hear at the wedding?

Anything Timberlake or Bieber!




Happy #TyingtheKnotTuesday! I am getting MARRIED in 4 days!!

The fun definitely isn’t stopping with the wedding, so keep coming back to Young & Married after the wedding!



The Bridesmaid Brunch 

What’s pink and green with banana leafs all over?

The Beverly Hills Hotel! And that’s where I celebrated my bridesmaids during an amazing Sunday brunch.

To be honest, I can’t believe I am even writing this post already. When we were planning all of the dates for the wedding, this event always seemed so far away. And I can’t believe it has already come and gone. But it was definitely worth the wait!

For those of you haven’t attended a traditional bridesmaids luncheon, it is basically an event where the bride can honor her bridesmaids for all of their help and effort. And I definitely had a lot to be thankful for. My bridesmaids have been more than amazing, I had the best time at each of my showers and the Bachelorette party. And I can’t wait to have them by my side on the wedding day!

Once I had decided to host this event, I began to think of places. Most of my wedding events have and will take place in Orange County so I was pretty adamant that I wanted to go somewhere in LA. I have grown up going to the Beverly Hills Hotel with my family for spa weekends, and I always have loved the ambiance. It is so Southern California and I love that! So after little contemplation, we were headed to the Polo Lounge for some brunch.


The Polo Lounge has the prettiest patio and we definitely aimed to get a table out in the sunshine. Next to our table, a small jazz band played light music throughout our entire fare. They also had their fair share of comments at different points during the meal. At each of the chairs, I placed a present for each of the girls. I have had these presents for awhile, so I was so excited to finally give them away!

I gave each of the girls a Pretty Plum Sugar robe in the Persimmon Hears Her Wish print. I love feminine robes and I definitely knew I wanted some shots at the wedding of all of us in our matching robes! And after visiting their store in Brea, I have developed a current obsession with the brand. If I could make my entire apartment look like their store I would. Everything is so soft and pretty and I was definitely drawn to it immediately. I hope the girls love their robes as much as I love them!

pps-robes-1066-600x900 final

If the ambiance isn’t enough to convince you that this restaurant is amazing, the food sure will. We had more food during this meal than we even knew what to do with. We had cocktails, bread, madeleines with jam, appetizers, entrees and two different desserts. I was definitely glad that I came hungry because I left stuffed full of decadent food. Make sure to check out the menu below!

I opted for a rose sangria as did most of the attendees. And it was delicious! I knew it would be the minute they put the words rose and sangria into one sentence. Some of the girls also ordered the Blood Mary and the Moscow Mule. Along with our cocktails we nibbled on some bread and an amuse bouche of madeleines with jam. I am not usually partial to madeleines, but with the jam these were incredibly delicious. And who am I to pass up something sweet!

The deliciousness of the food is pretty self explanatory so I’ll let the food do the talking.



And then there was cake. And the most gorgeous cake at that. When they brought it out I literally clapped. And as you have well learned if you have kept up with my blog, I love cake. In the South they have a tradition called a cake pull and I definitely wanted to honor my Southern roots with one of these. And they are so fun! If you are curious about what a cake pull is read below!

Most popular in the South, the Cake Pull gets it’s roots from an old Victorian tradition of “ribbon pulling.” In those days, charms of luck and good fortune were placed into the wedding cake by the bride for her friends. Now a days, bakers place sterling silver charms with specific means inside the bottom layer of the bride’s cake and all the ladies are given the opportunity to pull a charm from the cake. Below are the charms that we placed into the cake along with their meaning and who pulled each one!

Butterfly – You will have eternal beauty (Candice)

Champagne – Your life will be filled with many celebrations (Alyssa)

Claddagh – Your life will be filled with friendship and loyalty (Berkeley)

Eiffel Tower – You will lead a life of travel and adventure (Katie)

Frog Prince – You will meet the man of your dreams (Sophie)

Mermaid – You are a free spirit (Jacqueline)

Moon – A wonderful opportunity will soon present itself (Christen)

Oyster – You will enjoy the finer things in life (Me!)

Princess Carriage – You will have a fairy tale life (Morgan)

Sun- You have a bright future (Kelly)

Tiara – You will live a life fit for a princess (Chelsea)


Along with our delicious cake and charms, everyone had a delicious iced coffee made by the in-house barista and some fresh sorbet.

And as always the best part of the brunch was being with all of these ladies.

Love always, and see you next #TyingtheKnotTuesday when I introduce Ashley and Berkeley!

I can’t believe the wedding is in #11days



Meet My Bridesmaid: Candice 

This week I am SO excited to be introducing one of my nearest and dearest Candice! When I ran up to Delta Gamma after recruitment, I had no idea that I was running into the arms of what was soon to be one of my best friends. At the time, I was like “who is this chick?” but now I honestly can’t imagine life without her! Her becoming my Anchor Sis was one of those things where God definitely knew what he was doing. She took such amazing care of me then, and still does to this day. Candice is definitely my party planning friend. I constantly make fun of the fact that she can never just hangout alone, she loves doing something and I LOVE that about her! When you are friends with Candice, you definitely always have fun plans! She is always the one making dinner plans, thinking up trips, and when I lived with her stopping by to have a conversation or talk through outfits for the night. She has made me feel great on sooo many occasions because of her infectious spirit. I can always count on her to make anything more fun! She has killed it at every birthday, special occasion and more recently at my Bachelorette. To say I love her tons would be an understatement. 

So Meet Candice, Candy Sparkles, or as I call her Candle!

P.S. She along with Christen (introduced in September!) will be toasting both Calvin and I at the wedding!

How did you meet Hayley?

Well, I knew Hayley before Hayley knew me. I saw Hayley on our Delta Gamma slideshow when she was going through recruitment. I was picking an ‘Anchor Sis’ to help welcome into the sorority and I could not have picked better! Hayley came running down the Row on Bid night and we jumped into each others arms as complete strangers. Hayley quickly became much more than just my ‘Anchor Sis’ and I am so lucky to have her as a friend for life!

What is one of your favorite memories with Hayley?

Anyone that knows Hayley, knows she is the Queen of Holidays and Traditions! Every Holiday, Hayley has a themed outfit, seasonal decor and a festive activity – no matter what the holiday is! Some of my all-time favorite memories with Hayley are celebrating all the different holidays. We once drove over an hour to go pumpkin picking to find out the patch was closed by the time we got there. We still were able to find pumpkins at good ol’ Ralphs and carved them in our living room in our Senior Peach House. Christmas Cookie exchanges, July 4th celebration, and all our birthday bashes have been unforgettable memories!

What are you looking forward to most at the wedding?

It is hard to pick one, but I think I am the most excited to see Hayley in her dress! Early on she may have given me a hint and I quickly did a Google search and sent her the one I thought she picked. Sure enough I was right and I have been envisioning her in the dress ever since! She is going to look so beautiful! I also can’t wait to celebrate with all of Hayley and Calvin’s friends and family! It is going to be a day of SO much love!

What song do you want to hear at the wedding?

Anything country! Die A Happy Man – Thomas Rhett


Thanks for coming back for this weeks #TyingtheKnotTuesday

Make sure to come back next Tuesday to check out our Bridesmaid Brunch!

The Bachelorette Party

Happy Tying the Knot Tuesday!

For those of you who don’t follow me or any of my bridesmaids on Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook, this past weekend was my Bachelorette Party! To say it was fun would honestly be an understatement. We had the most amazing weekend and it was the best way to head into my last month of being engaged. I am having major withdrawals and wish we could do it all over again. It was the perfect weekend in my eyes. I seriously can’t wait to share everything we did with all of you! Special shout-out to my roomie Berkeley for hosting this entire thing! She is pretty much the best! She has definitely set the bar high for Bachelorette parties moving forward. So here we go!

On this past Friday, I started the weekend by getting picked up by friends Candice and Christen to head down to SAN DIEGO! Heading into this weekend, I had a general idea of what was happening, but I also had a ton of surprises ahead of me. I had to have Berkeley help me pack so I knew what to bring without knowing exactly what we were doing. I have been looking forward to this weekend for a long time, so seeing Candice and Christens’ faces Friday morning was so exciting! I was so ready to get the party started! We hit some traffic on the way due to it being both opening day at the Del Mar race tracks and also Pride, but after a pit stop at in-n-out (YUM) and lots of singing and chit chat we made it to Berk’s home. Candice let me know the song of the weekend would be “Me Too” by Meghan Trainor and she was so right! It was definitely the weekend’s anthem and we rocked out to it at all points of the weekend.

When Berkeley and I were first talking about the Bachelorette party, I had decided that I either wanted to go to Palm Springs or San Diego, but the minute the Cavignac’s offered their home the decision was definitely made. Their house is seriously gorgeous, and since I met Berkeley in college I have loved going down to visit. (I am a huge fan of the San Diego Zoo!) I loved the idea of everyone being under one roof the entire weekend and also we were completely spoiled with a pool and gorgeous view. You’ll have to read to see!

When I first arrived at the house, I walked into the entryway to see the most beautiful flowers from my future hubby. He spoils me! He was also celebrating his bachelor party the same weekend at the river in Parker, AZ, so I loved knowing he was thinking of me. And I mean they are just too gorgeous!

The entire theme for the weekend was a super adorable pineapple flamingo Hawaiian paradise (#HayleysLastFlamingle). For those of you who don’t know, I love Hawaii and that also happens to be where Calvin and I are heading for our honeymoon so this theme couldn’t be more perfect! I was adorned with a gorgeous white lei upon my arrival and hula skirts, flamingos, tiki torches, pineapples and pictures of Calvin and I were everywhere I looked. It was so fun! On each bedroom door, Katie had printed pictures of me and the people staying in that room. I loved going to each door and reminiscing with the people inside. The Mai Tai’s were also delish and I definitely felt great after drinking them!

Berkeley gifted the entire party with these adorable tumblers that we used literally the entire weekend. It was so helpful to have our initials on them so we knew whose was whose. And I mean, I always love seeing something with my new initials on them. HLC all the way!

Throughout the entire weekend, we had tons of delicious munchies to snack on including veggies, goldfish and pretzels in cute flamingo boxes, Sprinkles cupcakes (no chocolate here!) and a cheese tray filled with my favorite Gouda, Cheddar and Brie. Basically all my go-to snack foods! My friends know me way to well! And how cute are the cupcakes with the engagement rings!

After drooling over all of the decor, we headed for a mystery event! I had no idea where we were going, but I was told to put on some workout type clothing. Being the snoopy guesser I am, (if you have read my past blogs you know I am horrible with surprises) I kept trying to guess the entire car ride where/what we were doing until we arrived at Fun Pole Fitness. At first I was like, uhhhhh. But I swear we had the best time! I was a dancer and song girl when I was younger so I loved the dance part. My girls and I also had so much fun swinging around on the poles. (I realize that makes it sound like we are strippers…)  I woke up the next morning so sore! It was a legit workout. I have some pretty fun videos of us shaking our booties to Britney Spears songs, but some things aren’t meant to be shared! It definitely broke the ice and got us loosened up for a night of games back at Berk’s!

Once we got back to the house, I opened a bag full of goodies including Bride to Be sunglasses, a Bride to Be tiara, shot glass and diamond ring necklaces, an inflatable Flamingo cup holder and the cutest “I Do” shirt which I wore later that weekend!

It was GAME NIGHT and I was so ready to play! Candice and Christen prepped a ton of games for us to play while we ate delicious sushi from Harney and drank our world famous Berk Mai Tais. While we drank our water in our tumblers, we also used blue solo cups for our alcoholic beverages where we proceeded to create nicknames for everyone with naughty alliteration. I’ll let use your imagination on that.

The first game divided us into two teams for a relay race of risque activities.

TEAM #1- Kelly,  Alyssa, Morgan, Berkeley and Candice

Team #2- Katie, Me, Christen, Ashley and Sophie

The first part of the relay race was blowing up a balloon and tying it (the minute I saw this I knew I was in trouble, I am horrible at tying balloons. NO idea why!) From there we had to run with an egg in a spoon around the entire pool, take a shot, put a condom on a zucchini using only ONE hand, and throw rings on a strap on that was on your teammates head. We all could not stop laughing! It was so funny to watch each other not only do the relay race, but also we looked completely ridiculous! I bet if you follow any of us on Snapchat you had a field day with that. It was so fun! And of course the brides team won!

For our next game, each of the girls had also bought me a pair of pretty panties and I had to guess which girl gave me each pair. Not only did I get an awesome haul of underwear, but it was so fun to guess who gave them to me. Each pair of underwear was supposed to give me a hint to the person and it was cool that each pair was sooo different. No two were alike and it definitely took me a couple of rounds of guessing to get it right.

The last game Candice and Christen put together was definitely sentimental for me. Calvin had gotten together with the two of them weeks prior and created a video where he had answered different questions about the two of us. Before I saw his taped answer, I had to correctly guess what he said to a variety of questions. If I got it wrong, I had to take a shot. For each question I got right, everyone in attendance had to take one. Let’s just say, I wasn’t the drunk one! Calvin and I definitely know each other pretty well after 7 years, and for the ones I did guess “incorrectly” I would even debate Calvin’s answer! It meant so much to me, and I hope everyone else got a better idea of what makes Calvin and I tick.

Along with the goodies from Berk, I also had put together tote bags full of goodies for my lovely ladies. The bags included matching PJs and towels, Zebra Popcorn, Grapefruit La Croix and a Feel Better kit full of hangover helpers like Tums, Advil and of course Disney princess band aids.

After we played the games, we all put on our matching PJs and headed to Berkeley’s outdoor fire pit where we proceeded to roast s’mores and sing sorority songs wrapped in our matching towels as blankets. We were definitely on another level and it was O so Fun!

The next morning I woke up to have the breakfast of champions! Blueberry Pop-tarts and Iced Green Tea from Starbucks. Berkeley’s mom gifted me the pop-tarts (how cute is that!) and Kelly took me to Starbucks to get my daily drink. We could not stop laughing as people stared at us in our matching PJs we probably looked ridiculous but who cares!

After grabbing a bite, we went down to the pool where we sunbathed and floated around on Swan and Pineapple floaties. It was not only incredibly relaxing, but we also had the most beautiful view staring out from the pool at USD. And of course, we continued to use our super adorable tumblers wherever we went.

Okay, so you’re probably going, “Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?” But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl.

For lunch we had super yummy food from Waters Catering. We nibbled on shaved veggies, a Greek Chop and Candied Pecan salads and ate Sandwiches of Turkey Cranberry, Chicken Artichoke, and Turkey Pesto. It totally hit the spot.



After sunbathing by the pool, I know #hardlife. We once again got ready for a mystery event! All I was told was to wear my new shirt and a pair of shorts. I was so excited! It is the strangest feeling to be excited for something but have no idea what it is. I felt that feeling a lot this weekend. We headed to the San Diego Marina where I eventually learned that we are were going on a Duffy! I love love love going out on Duffys so I was so excited! This one was extra fun because I have never been out in San Diego and also our crew hands were these incredibly cute Irish guys! You’ll meet them later [=

I mean how cute is our Duffy! It even had a little balcony off the back that we frequented during our trip. Especially when we spotted seals! You would think we were starving the way we ate on the boat. We were completely ravenous for our chips and guac, cheese plate and goldfish. We also drank Rose and my all time fav champagne Veuve Clicquot. Heaven for sure.

After we came back to shore, someone (not naming names) decided it would be a good idea for me to get paddled by one of our Irish boys. Of course, I never turn down a challenge so I went into it full force. I also wasn’t the one who asked him to take off his shirt, but hey it was so worth it every time I watch the video of my friends cracking up. I mean isn’t this what bachelorette parties are for?

Before our Saturday night festivities, we all gathered together to get ready for the “going out” ahead of us. I can’t help but laugh every time I think of the fact that there were six bathrooms in the house, and we all still piled into the one to get ready together. Such girls!

When I came downstairs, a whole set-up of gifts from everyone appeared. They had made a frame with “Kiss the Miss Goodbye” with each of their lips adorned with their signatures. Such an amazing keepsake!  I can’t wait to fill the adjacent frames with pictures from the weekend. There are so many great ones to choose from! I also received a beautiful piece of lingerie from the entire group from For Love and Lemons. I would show you, but I can’t risk my groom seeing it before the wedding night! You’ll have to take my word for it that it is beyond gorgeous.

And Kelly created the Hayley’s Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt! We had so much fun attempting to complete the list throughout the evening. I finished #2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 16. Pretty good I would say! And the evidence was sprinkled throughout Snapchat. The world definitely got to see me do some pretty embarrassing stuff, but it was so worth it! Despite our exhaustive efforts, we never actually never met anyone named Calvin and no one was hot enough to look like him [=

From there we headed to dinner! The lyft driver accidentally divulged where we were going the minute I got into the car, but I was nevertheless so excited! We went to a new restaurant called Herb and Wood. It was so so soooo good! At the restaurant, I ordered a cocktail called Vodka+Grapes which might not sound delicious, but it tasted like juice. And for those who don’t know me, that’s the highest compliment. The owner of the restaurant also sent us a round of champagne which was so thoughtful. We definitely had the most amazing service along with our delectable food. Between the nine of us, we shared three appetizers and also each ordered our own entrees. To top everything off, a blueberry souffle which honestly blew my mind. For any of you frequenting San Diego anytime soon, I highly recommend Herb and Wood.

After dinner, we headed to a club in San Diego called Omnia. I think we lasted there a good 5 seconds. It was literally like a mini Vegas and we were sooo not into it. The dance floor was so crowded there was a line to get on it. We quickly decided to leave and headed to a country club called Moonshine Flats. At first we were nervous because we didn’t want to pay a cover charge for something we weren’t totally sure about, but o boy are we glad we did! We ended up staying there all night and having soooo much fun. While they played some country music, most of the time they ended up playing a good mix of popular music and some old classics like “All the Small Things.” We had so much fun dancing on the front stage and even our new Irish friends came to meet us. It was the perfect night dancing the night away with all my girls!

It was definitely a weekend of home runs, and every event was beyond my wildest expectations. I can’t thank every single girl enough for everything. I can’t imagine it being any more fun or memorable! I wish we could do it over and over, and I have so much fun thinking of everything that happened.

Special Thanks to the Cavignacs for letting us stay at their home, Berkeley for hosting and tirelessly planning the entire event, Candice and Christen for planning all of the games, Katie for picking and printing the pictures for the doors, Kelly for putting together the kiss collage and scavenger hunt and to all the girls for attending and being the best of bridesmaids. I am one lucky bride!

Love always, and see you next #TyingtheKnotTuesday



Meet My Bridesmaids: Alyssa and Katie

Hello Everyone! Happy Tying the Knot Tuesday!

This week I am excited to introduce two of my bridesmaids to all of you. My cousin Alyssa and my girlie Katie! But before I do, I thought I would give a little background about each of them. Also, since I have ben so horrible at updating I am going to be introducing my bridesmaids in duos from now on! So introducing this amazing duo.

First my cousin Alyssa is the daughter of my mother’s sister Suzanne. My mom’s side of the family is the Sullivan clan. My mom and her two siblings, Suzanne and Kirk, were born by only children and thus grew up with no aunts, uncles, or cousins of their own. My grandfather was also in the Navy so they grew up constantly moving around the world. All to say, my mom’s family grew up extremely close. So when it finally came time for them to settle down with their own families, it is no coincidence that they all moved to the same city and haven’t moved since. And because my cousins and I have all grown up together, I have always thought of them as more like siblings than cousins. I swear you couldn’t go to school in Irvine during this time without knowing at least one of us. And it’s thanks to our close family that I actually met my future husband. Thanks Connor!

We grew up with annual ski trips, St. Patty’s day celebrations, Christmas Cookie parties, Hawaiian vacays, Emerald Bay 4th of Julys, USC in our blood and Disney in our hearts. It is the fault of my family that I could never imagine leaving Southern California because I can never imagine being far from any of them! It is a constant joke amongst the people who have married into our family, that you better get used to everyone knowing your business and being “adopted.” There are no other people I’d rather share my happy news with and no other people I would rather cry with. They are my people and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And then there is Katie! As she will more eloquently explain, we can’t exactly pinpoint the moment we met. Katie is honestly one of the most positive, vivacious spirits. She is my little bohemian fairy and I love her for that. There is no one quite like her and that’s what makes her so special! It honestly couldn’t be more fitting that she is Tinker Bell at Disneyland. In college, I had so much fun watching her go through recruitment. As someone who rushed her, she was definitely the person I wanted to join DG the most. And I am so glad she did! It was such a rewarding experience to see someone from my childhood running towards me on Bid Day. It was pretty surreal.

In college, she and I became incredibly close and I love to think I took her under my wing. She and I had so much fun at every single event we went to. Every invite we would always make sure to find each other for a dance. And no matter what the event, I could always count on her to come along for the ride. During my Senior Week in college, Katie honestly made me feel so loved and special, and I will never forget that! Now my little honey has graduated college and is out in the “real world.” As an aspiring actress, I have all the faith in the world that this one is going to make it in lalaland. If I had to put my money on anyone winning an Oscar. It is her! She is so talented and dedicated.

How did you meet Hayley?

Alyssa: I met Hayley not too long after she was born, I was two and the Pattons brought our family’s Georgia Peach to California for the first time.

Katie: This is a question I don’t think we’ve ever been able to figure out. I was best friend’s with Hayley’s younger cousin, Kyle, in preschool and we probably met at some family party soon after since we all live in the same neighborhood. Our first photographic evidence of friendship, however, is from what we believe to be a big/little ceremony in Girl Scouts. But one of the coolest things about Hayley growing up was how her and her cousin, Caitlin would occasionally leave bags of their old clothes on my front doorstep when they out grew them. I remember coming home from school and finding those bags and being so excited to rock the world’s two coolest people’s old bejeweled denim jeans.


What is one of your favorite memories with Hayley?

Alyssa: There are just way too many! I love our family vacations together, from our ski trips at June Mountain and Park City, to running around Disneyworld, to cruising the Mediterranean, to our spa getaways at the Beverly Hills Hotel. However, I will always love when Hayley asked everyone at one Thanksgiving what their patronus was and tested everyone who didn’t already know.


Katie: Definitely DG recruitment and Bid Night! For anyone who doesn’t know, sorority recruitment is a whirlwind of emotions. All of the houses were so beautiful, but Hayley made sure DG felt like home. It was years since we had talked, but in that moment I knew this house was where I wanted to spend my next four years, and I knew this girl was really a friend for life.



What are you most looking forward to for the wedding?

Alyssa: I am most looking forward to the dancing at the wedding. With Hayley and Calvin it’s guaranteed to be full of joy, fun, and spontaneous outbreaks of dancing and so I’m most looking forward to celebrating their love and Calvin officially joining the family in the most Hayley appropriate way!


Katie: I can’t wait to see Hayley in her JAW DROPPING dress, but you know I’ll be keeping my eye on Calvin to see his face when he sees her for the first time. I’m hoping for a tear!



What song do you want to hear at the wedding?

Alyssa: The Cha Cha Slide is a classic and linedancing is underrated!

Katie: Let’s go with a classic – Dancing Queen by ABBA. That wedding ain’t got nothin’ on The Clark’s!



Love always, and see you next #TyingtheKnotTuesday



The Bridal Shower, She Said Oui!

Hello My Friends!

I hope you are having the happiest of Tuesdays and staying cool in this 1000 degree weather. The Palm Springs lovin girl in me is totally enjoying it. Today I am one lucky girl because I get to share another beautiful bridal shower with you! I am so #blessed (couldn’t not) to have not one…but two Aunts who offered to throw me such an amazing shower together. Honestly it was the perfect day! Every time I have another bridal event, I just get even more excited for whatever is coming next…here’s looking at you Bachelorette weekend! Who knew being a bride could be so fun?

When my Aunts offered to throw me this shower, trying to explain my excitement would be impossible. I come from an extremely close family and I knew they would throw a shower I would love! The entire theme was French Provence with the scent of lavender and herbs everywhere, classic french music in the background, and the yummiest assortment of food. Boy, do the French sure know how to cook! They hosted it at my grandmother’s beautiful home in Emerald Bay. Thanks you GeeGee! I truly can’t think of anything that feels more like me than sipping on champagne, munching on sweet pastries and cheese, and being surrounded by my closest family and friends. I can’t wait to share this amazing event with all of you!

Below is the invitation we sent out for the shower. Doesn’t it look exactly like me? 😉

image1 (7)

You don’t know me at all if you don’t know I love cheese. I mean you have to be a crazy person not to!  Every year on my birthday, I love to go to Joan’s on Third for lunch and pick out my cheese plate. It is so fun! And they definitely made sure to have my favorites here too. If you haven’t tried Beemster Gouda you need to take a trip to the market to buy some. And it’s not a good cheese plate in my book, unless the cheese is surrounded by all the best accompaniments like dried fruit, nuts, and an assortment of crackers. So Yummy!

And when in France, one must take a minute to discuss fashion! The minute I saw this dress I knew it was perfect for my shower! Not only was it incredibly bridal looking with the off the shoulder white lace, but o goodness was it comfortable. In case you are wondering (you might not be, but if you are!) it is designed by Nightcap. I also wore it along with a pair of Kendra Scott earrings and Sam Edelman strappy nude heels.

Throughout the shower, we sipped on French 75s (champagne, lemon juice, gin and sugar), lemonade and iced tea. Santé!


Everywhere I looked, fragrant herbs and flowers adorned tables along with french books and lanterns. I do not know how GeeGee’s beach home turned into a french paradise, but it did!

Each table was adorned with a french basket full of lavender. White hydrangeas and stock were placed in small vases, and at each place setting a sprig of lavender with a small gift of Sugarfina champagne bears. It was extra special because at each place setting were either my aunts’ or mother’s different sets of sterling, all to be made more special when I received my own set that same day from my mom.

We also played a super fun game where you passed the prize to different people at your table depending on what my Aunt directed. For example, pass it to the person at the table who traveled the farthest to be here or pass it to the person who has the most buttons on their dress. So fun to see where chance landed. Aren’t they wrapped so cute? I was so determined to win! Inside each vintage drawer was a really cute french lavender soap. I know everyone had as much fun playing and getting to know everyone at their table.

I mean how cute are these napkins? I am always an advocate for eating cake!

And it wouldn’t be a party without dessert! At least not for me. At the table we had vanilla bean macaroons from Champagnes, homemade vanilla cupcakes, Sees molasses chips, and lemon bars. We are big bakers in my family and these desserts definitely didn’t disappoint. Both my Aunt ZeeZee’s cupcakes and my Auntie’s lemon bars were heavenly.

Each cupcake had little signs either reading Bride to Bee (so French provence!) or different french sentiments of love. All of the details made this day extra special.

From there, I was completely showered with love during the presents. I am honestly so lucky to have people who spent their time showering me before my big day. I can honestly say that I will look at each gift I received and think of the person who gave it to me! It’s such a special feeling to get things you know you’ll use the rest of your life from important people in your life. Pretty unreal! I didn’t get a ton of pictures from the gifts portion of the event, so you’ll just have to come over and see what I got!

And of course it wouldn’t be my shower without a surprise appearance from my future hubby to be! Calvin always knows how to make my heart flutter even after 7 years. And he has definitely gotten really good at picking out flowers. Lucky me!

It was the perfect day to say the least, and I can’t wait to return the favor someday and shower everyone else in return! Nothing has been better than celebrating such a special time in my life with all of the people who I love. I can’t thank my friends and family enough for supporting me always. I love you all!

FullSizeRender (12)

Happy #TyingtheKnotTuesday hopefully see all of you next week for a brand new post!