The Wedding Video

Hello World!

Last time I talked to you I was still just Miss Patton and now I am the new Mrs. Clark! I am officially a Sadie, Sadie Married Lady and couldn’t be happier about it. So far the married life was definitely created with me in mind. Calvin and I have always been fans of the simple things and we have already loved settling into our routine. And boy did I definitely gain some perks marrying Calvin. I have quickly adjusted to him cooking for me (I am currently having a huge obsession with his taco salad), his ability to make me laugh after a tiring day, and having a person to wake up to every morning. I love going grocery shopping with him, laying together while I am reading and he’s watching sports, and just sharing everything (even our finances!)  I love when I was writing a birthday card signing everything as “we” and “us.” If you don’t like sharing, marriage definitely won’t be for you. But for me, it has been pretty amazing.

Today it has officially been a month since our wedding day! I can’t believe the month has already come and gone. Time certainly flies while you are having fun, and Calvin and I have definitely had more than our fair share in the past 30 days.  The entire week leading up to the wedding was full of fun events that made both Calvin and I feel so special and loved (will share more with you over the next couple of weeks!) And of course our Honeymoon was more than amazing, so definitely make sure to come back next week to read all about it! We’ve also taken a road trip to San Francisco since being home and also been so busy filling our apartment with furniture, attempting to change my name, and just doing all of the stuff necessary to combine our lives. While planning a wedding was busy, life definitely hasn’t slowed down and that’s just the way we like it!

But today I am so excited to share with all of you some of the highlights from our Wedding Day! It is so true when people say that a wedding video lets you live the day all over again. So when an email showed up in my inbox Saturday morning with this video I basically jumped out of bed and watched it 829,490,357 times. I have been restraining myself from sharing it with everyone right away, but I knew I had to share it on the monthaversary! It is so fun to see some of the little moments I missed or just relive memories from this happiest of days. The day goes by soooo fast that it is almost a blur so seeing a video definitely brings it all back. I can’t wait to see the full-length version in a couple of weeks! I know this post is short and sweet, but once I get some pictures I will share a full low down on what happened on August 27th. So for now, catch a glimpse into our wedding day below.

Happy #TiedtheKnotTuesday! Can’t wait to see you again next week to talk about the honeymoon!


Hayley Clark