Meet My Bridesmaid: Candice 

This week I am SO excited to be introducing one of my nearest and dearest Candice! When I ran up to Delta Gamma after recruitment, I had no idea that I was running into the arms of what was soon to be one of my best friends. At the time, I was like “who is this chick?” but now I honestly can’t imagine life without her! Her becoming my Anchor Sis was one of those things where God definitely knew what he was doing. She took such amazing care of me then, and still does to this day. Candice is definitely my party planning friend. I constantly make fun of the fact that she can never just hangout alone, she loves doing something and I LOVE that about her! When you are friends with Candice, you definitely always have fun plans! She is always the one making dinner plans, thinking up trips, and when I lived with her stopping by to have a conversation or talk through outfits for the night. She has made me feel great on sooo many occasions because of her infectious spirit. I can always count on her to make anything more fun! She has killed it at every birthday, special occasion and more recently at my Bachelorette. To say I love her tons would be an understatement. 

So Meet Candice, Candy Sparkles, or as I call her Candle!

P.S. She along with Christen (introduced in September!) will be toasting both Calvin and I at the wedding!

How did you meet Hayley?

Well, I knew Hayley before Hayley knew me. I saw Hayley on our Delta Gamma slideshow when she was going through recruitment. I was picking an ‘Anchor Sis’ to help welcome into the sorority and I could not have picked better! Hayley came running down the Row on Bid night and we jumped into each others arms as complete strangers. Hayley quickly became much more than just my ‘Anchor Sis’ and I am so lucky to have her as a friend for life!

What is one of your favorite memories with Hayley?

Anyone that knows Hayley, knows she is the Queen of Holidays and Traditions! Every Holiday, Hayley has a themed outfit, seasonal decor and a festive activity – no matter what the holiday is! Some of my all-time favorite memories with Hayley are celebrating all the different holidays. We once drove over an hour to go pumpkin picking to find out the patch was closed by the time we got there. We still were able to find pumpkins at good ol’ Ralphs and carved them in our living room in our Senior Peach House. Christmas Cookie exchanges, July 4th celebration, and all our birthday bashes have been unforgettable memories!

What are you looking forward to most at the wedding?

It is hard to pick one, but I think I am the most excited to see Hayley in her dress! Early on she may have given me a hint and I quickly did a Google search and sent her the one I thought she picked. Sure enough I was right and I have been envisioning her in the dress ever since! She is going to look so beautiful! I also can’t wait to celebrate with all of Hayley and Calvin’s friends and family! It is going to be a day of SO much love!

What song do you want to hear at the wedding?

Anything country! Die A Happy Man – Thomas Rhett


Thanks for coming back for this weeks #TyingtheKnotTuesday

Make sure to come back next Tuesday to check out our Bridesmaid Brunch!

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