Meet My Bridesmaids: Alyssa and Katie

Hello Everyone! Happy Tying the Knot Tuesday!

This week I am excited to introduce two of my bridesmaids to all of you. My cousin Alyssa and my girlie Katie! But before I do, I thought I would give a little background about each of them. Also, since I have ben so horrible at updating I am going to be introducing my bridesmaids in duos from now on! So introducing this amazing duo.

First my cousin Alyssa is the daughter of my mother’s sister Suzanne. My mom’s side of the family is the Sullivan clan. My mom and her two siblings, Suzanne and Kirk, were born by only children and thus grew up with no aunts, uncles, or cousins of their own. My grandfather was also in the Navy so they grew up constantly moving around the world. All to say, my mom’s family grew up extremely close. So when it finally came time for them to settle down with their own families, it is no coincidence that they all moved to the same city and haven’t moved since. And because my cousins and I have all grown up together, I have always thought of them as more like siblings than cousins. I swear you couldn’t go to school in Irvine during this time without knowing at least one of us. And it’s thanks to our close family that I actually met my future husband. Thanks Connor!

We grew up with annual ski trips, St. Patty’s day celebrations, Christmas Cookie parties, Hawaiian vacays, Emerald Bay 4th of Julys, USC in our blood and Disney in our hearts. It is the fault of my family that I could never imagine leaving Southern California because I can never imagine being far from any of them! It is a constant joke amongst the people who have married into our family, that you better get used to everyone knowing your business and being “adopted.” There are no other people I’d rather share my happy news with and no other people I would rather cry with. They are my people and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And then there is Katie! As she will more eloquently explain, we can’t exactly pinpoint the moment we met. Katie is honestly one of the most positive, vivacious spirits. She is my little bohemian fairy and I love her for that. There is no one quite like her and that’s what makes her so special! It honestly couldn’t be more fitting that she is Tinker Bell at Disneyland. In college, I had so much fun watching her go through recruitment. As someone who rushed her, she was definitely the person I wanted to join DG the most. And I am so glad she did! It was such a rewarding experience to see someone from my childhood running towards me on Bid Day. It was pretty surreal.

In college, she and I became incredibly close and I love to think I took her under my wing. She and I had so much fun at every single event we went to. Every invite we would always make sure to find each other for a dance. And no matter what the event, I could always count on her to come along for the ride. During my Senior Week in college, Katie honestly made me feel so loved and special, and I will never forget that! Now my little honey has graduated college and is out in the “real world.” As an aspiring actress, I have all the faith in the world that this one is going to make it in lalaland. If I had to put my money on anyone winning an Oscar. It is her! She is so talented and dedicated.

How did you meet Hayley?

Alyssa: I met Hayley not too long after she was born, I was two and the Pattons brought our family’s Georgia Peach to California for the first time.

Katie: This is a question I don’t think we’ve ever been able to figure out. I was best friend’s with Hayley’s younger cousin, Kyle, in preschool and we probably met at some family party soon after since we all live in the same neighborhood. Our first photographic evidence of friendship, however, is from what we believe to be a big/little ceremony in Girl Scouts. But one of the coolest things about Hayley growing up was how her and her cousin, Caitlin would occasionally leave bags of their old clothes on my front doorstep when they out grew them. I remember coming home from school and finding those bags and being so excited to rock the world’s two coolest people’s old bejeweled denim jeans.


What is one of your favorite memories with Hayley?

Alyssa: There are just way too many! I love our family vacations together, from our ski trips at June Mountain and Park City, to running around Disneyworld, to cruising the Mediterranean, to our spa getaways at the Beverly Hills Hotel. However, I will always love when Hayley asked everyone at one Thanksgiving what their patronus was and tested everyone who didn’t already know.


Katie: Definitely DG recruitment and Bid Night! For anyone who doesn’t know, sorority recruitment is a whirlwind of emotions. All of the houses were so beautiful, but Hayley made sure DG felt like home. It was years since we had talked, but in that moment I knew this house was where I wanted to spend my next four years, and I knew this girl was really a friend for life.



What are you most looking forward to for the wedding?

Alyssa: I am most looking forward to the dancing at the wedding. With Hayley and Calvin it’s guaranteed to be full of joy, fun, and spontaneous outbreaks of dancing and so I’m most looking forward to celebrating their love and Calvin officially joining the family in the most Hayley appropriate way!


Katie: I can’t wait to see Hayley in her JAW DROPPING dress, but you know I’ll be keeping my eye on Calvin to see his face when he sees her for the first time. I’m hoping for a tear!



What song do you want to hear at the wedding?

Alyssa: The Cha Cha Slide is a classic and linedancing is underrated!

Katie: Let’s go with a classic – Dancing Queen by ABBA. That wedding ain’t got nothin’ on The Clark’s!



Love always, and see you next #TyingtheKnotTuesday



The Bridal Shower, She Said Oui!

Hello My Friends!

I hope you are having the happiest of Tuesdays and staying cool in this 1000 degree weather. The Palm Springs lovin girl in me is totally enjoying it. Today I am one lucky girl because I get to share another beautiful bridal shower with you! I am so #blessed (couldn’t not) to have not one…but two Aunts who offered to throw me such an amazing shower together. Honestly it was the perfect day! Every time I have another bridal event, I just get even more excited for whatever is coming next…here’s looking at you Bachelorette weekend! Who knew being a bride could be so fun?

When my Aunts offered to throw me this shower, trying to explain my excitement would be impossible. I come from an extremely close family and I knew they would throw a shower I would love! The entire theme was French Provence with the scent of lavender and herbs everywhere, classic french music in the background, and the yummiest assortment of food. Boy, do the French sure know how to cook! They hosted it at my grandmother’s beautiful home in Emerald Bay. Thanks you GeeGee! I truly can’t think of anything that feels more like me than sipping on champagne, munching on sweet pastries and cheese, and being surrounded by my closest family and friends. I can’t wait to share this amazing event with all of you!

Below is the invitation we sent out for the shower. Doesn’t it look exactly like me? 😉

image1 (7)

You don’t know me at all if you don’t know I love cheese. I mean you have to be a crazy person not to!  Every year on my birthday, I love to go to Joan’s on Third for lunch and pick out my cheese plate. It is so fun! And they definitely made sure to have my favorites here too. If you haven’t tried Beemster Gouda you need to take a trip to the market to buy some. And it’s not a good cheese plate in my book, unless the cheese is surrounded by all the best accompaniments like dried fruit, nuts, and an assortment of crackers. So Yummy!

And when in France, one must take a minute to discuss fashion! The minute I saw this dress I knew it was perfect for my shower! Not only was it incredibly bridal looking with the off the shoulder white lace, but o goodness was it comfortable. In case you are wondering (you might not be, but if you are!) it is designed by Nightcap. I also wore it along with a pair of Kendra Scott earrings and Sam Edelman strappy nude heels.

Throughout the shower, we sipped on French 75s (champagne, lemon juice, gin and sugar), lemonade and iced tea. Santé!


Everywhere I looked, fragrant herbs and flowers adorned tables along with french books and lanterns. I do not know how GeeGee’s beach home turned into a french paradise, but it did!

Each table was adorned with a french basket full of lavender. White hydrangeas and stock were placed in small vases, and at each place setting a sprig of lavender with a small gift of Sugarfina champagne bears. It was extra special because at each place setting were either my aunts’ or mother’s different sets of sterling, all to be made more special when I received my own set that same day from my mom.

We also played a super fun game where you passed the prize to different people at your table depending on what my Aunt directed. For example, pass it to the person at the table who traveled the farthest to be here or pass it to the person who has the most buttons on their dress. So fun to see where chance landed. Aren’t they wrapped so cute? I was so determined to win! Inside each vintage drawer was a really cute french lavender soap. I know everyone had as much fun playing and getting to know everyone at their table.

I mean how cute are these napkins? I am always an advocate for eating cake!

And it wouldn’t be a party without dessert! At least not for me. At the table we had vanilla bean macaroons from Champagnes, homemade vanilla cupcakes, Sees molasses chips, and lemon bars. We are big bakers in my family and these desserts definitely didn’t disappoint. Both my Aunt ZeeZee’s cupcakes and my Auntie’s lemon bars were heavenly.

Each cupcake had little signs either reading Bride to Bee (so French provence!) or different french sentiments of love. All of the details made this day extra special.

From there, I was completely showered with love during the presents. I am honestly so lucky to have people who spent their time showering me before my big day. I can honestly say that I will look at each gift I received and think of the person who gave it to me! It’s such a special feeling to get things you know you’ll use the rest of your life from important people in your life. Pretty unreal! I didn’t get a ton of pictures from the gifts portion of the event, so you’ll just have to come over and see what I got!

And of course it wouldn’t be my shower without a surprise appearance from my future hubby to be! Calvin always knows how to make my heart flutter even after 7 years. And he has definitely gotten really good at picking out flowers. Lucky me!

It was the perfect day to say the least, and I can’t wait to return the favor someday and shower everyone else in return! Nothing has been better than celebrating such a special time in my life with all of the people who I love. I can’t thank my friends and family enough for supporting me always. I love you all!

FullSizeRender (12)

Happy #TyingtheKnotTuesday hopefully see all of you next week for a brand new post!