The Cake Tasting

Hello My #TyingtheKnotTuesday Friends!

I have missed you! And I have been so looking forward to sharing this particular blog post with you.

There are very few things I would claim to have expertise, but cake is definitely one of them. I know it is all trendy at weddings to have a dessert other than cake served, but I honestly can’t imagine a wedding,where I am the bride, without a cake. I am actually one of those people who LOVES cake! And an affair without cake would definitely be a sad one in my book!

From the minute Calvin put the ring on my finger, there were a few vendors I knew I wanted to be a part of our day immediately. And It’s All About the Cake was definitely one of them. I am not one of those girls who doesn’t care what the cake tastes like as long as it looks good. I definitely care about the cake being amazing tasting! And the best part about It’s All About the Cake is that they know how to make a cake taste good, and look gorgeous all at the same time. So when it was time to make an appointment for the cake tasting, I knew exactly who I was going to call. And it worked out so perfectly that I could schedule the tasting on my birthday weekend. What’s better than celebrating your birthday than with cake?

So the morning of Saturday, April 9th Calvin, my parents and I headed down to Dana Point to have some delicious brunch at What A Dish (the catering company attached) and cake at It’s All About the Cake.

Of course I had to dress in theme, and I was definitely channeling my inner Marie Antoinette when I woke up that morning.


The minute that plate hit our table my face literally became the heart-eyed emoji. I couldn’t have been more excited to lick the entire plate clean. Unfortunately, other people had attended this event with me so I couldn’t behave like a barbarian. Maybe next time…

On our plate, we had two different types of cake. Chocolate and Vanilla. Both Calvin and I tend to like Vanilla cake best, but honestly both were incredibly amazing. If we had wanted, they also serve banana, apple, carrot, cream, red velvet, lemon, strawberry and spice cake if we had wanted to try those. Red Velvet is a super popular option, so many people also request that when they head into their tasting, but Calvin and I were totally happy with just our plain old chocolate and vanilla.

Also on the plate were different frostings and fillings. Starting from the top we had buttercream (!!!), lemon, raspberry, pastry cream, chocolate mouse, whipped cream, and strawberries. Full menu below if you want to check out all of the other amazing options.

If you had asked Calvin and I before what kind of wedding cake we wanted, this would have definitely been our prediction. And it was definitely as amazing as we imagined. This forkful consisted of the vanilla cake, lemon filling, pastry cream, and buttercream. It was so light and delicious and I am pretty sure I had to taste this twice just to be sure I liked it ;]

Our second forkful was a chocolate cake with raspberry filling, pastry cream and buttercream. I would never have thought I would love the raspberry filling as much as I did! It was sooo delicious! We also tried the same combination with the vanilla cake and fell even more in love.

Our third forkful was the chocolate cake with chocolate mouse and buttercream. I knew pretty quickly that this wasn’t going to be my cup of tea. I am not a huge chocolate person to begin with and mouse is definitely not my style. This cake I am sure is delicious to the chocolate-lover, but this cake was immediately ruled out for us. We also tried a strawberry whipped cream, vanilla cake forkful, but as a girl with a strawberry allergy that was also ruled out. Calvin said it was amazing though! Sorry babe!

From there, Calvin and I looked at the cake tasting menu to see what else we wanted to try. They don’t bring out all of the different fillings and flavors, but we decided that we also wanted to try the Banana Cream, Peanut Butter Cup and Cookies and Cream. I mean you only go cake tasting once, right?

Below is the banana cream with the vanilla cake, and it was delicious! However, we had already fallen pretty in love with the lemon and raspberry so we knew this one was out too.

This forkful was the chocolate cake with the cookies and cream frosting. Oh Mi Oh My was it good! I am a HUGE oreo freak so I knew I had to try it when I saw it on the menu! Despite not loving chocolate, oreo is a totally different thing in my mind. I loved this option!

The last forkful we tried was the vanilla cake with the peanut butter cup frosting. As much as I love oreo, is as much as Calvin loves Peanut Butter Cup. So we also knew this had to be tried!

Once we had tried all of the different flavors and fillings, Calvin and I began designing the aesthetic of the cake.

Our cake will have three layers, all rounds with a straight edge, not rounded edges like my example below. Our bottom tier will be the vanilla cake with the lemon filling, pastry cream and buttercream frosting. This layer will be distinctly different than the others in design. It will have the rosette and snowflake style like below in white. I knew I wanted a special texture on the bottom layer, but many of the examples I brought in for design can only be obtained through fondant. Which for me, was definitely not an option since I don’t want my cake to taste like cardboard. Sorry, not sorry. The second layer will have the vanilla cake with raspberry filling, pastry cream, and buttercream. And the third layer will be the chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling and vanilla buttercream. Both these layers will be covered with plain white vanilla buttercream and eventually donned in real pink and white roses and peonies.

I can’t wait to see how the final cake turns out and it will definitely be a highlight of the wedding in my opinion! Calvin and I had so much fun at our cake tasting and it has only gotten us more excited for more of the wedding events ahead.

As always Happy #TyingtheKnotTuesday and see you next week where I will be introducing you to my Bridesmaid and Cousin Alyssa!

Love, X’s and O’s,