We’re Getting Married!

Calvin and I have both known for a long time that we wanted to get married. While we definitely weren’t the couple that knew right away, it didn’t take long for me to realize he was everything I ever wanted and more importantly needed. But I am not here to talk about the intricacies of what makes Calvin and I, well Calvin and I. We can save that for another time ūüėȬ†I am here to talk about something much more exciting.

The Proposal!

I woke up June 6th with literally no idea that I would end the day being a fianc√©e. I had at one point suspected, but my future husband knows me well enough¬†to plant fake texts to ensure I believed a different day (He is so sneaky!).¬†¬†That day I had been invited to an “Anniversary Party” for my Aunt and Uncle’s 31st Wedding Anniversary. While, at first I thought it was weird we were celebrating their 31st with a party, I quickly accepted the idea that my Aunt always likes to have parties and let it go. Anyways, I proceeded to get ready were I had a¬†pre-planned lunch and spa day with my mom and grandmother. I was always one of those girls who said “don’t bother proposing” if a) my nails aren’t done and b) I¬†have sweatpants on. Luckily, Calvin had thought ahead on both accounts. I had beautifully painted nails and was dolled up by the time I headed towards my Aunt’s party.

On the way to the party, Calvin and I just chatted like nothing special was happening. Whenever I reflect back on this, I always remember how calm Calvin was throughout the whole thing. I guess it is just a testament to how natural it felt for both of us. Anyways, as we turned the corner to my Aunt’s house Calvin said he was going to”shuffle” his music which actually ended up playing Bruno Mar’s “Marry You.” For a long time, I always joked that Calvin should perform in a flash mob while singing this song (two things to note: Calvin can neither sing nor dance, but I still love you baby!). So no other song would have been more perfect for this exact moment. Then we turned the corner….


I couldn’t even begin to explain my excitement, shock, elation, happiness, tons of other emotions I can’t explain¬†all rolled into one. And this picture doesn’t nearly do the moment justice.¬†I honestly didn’t even read the signs when we drove by. I was just too excited seeing all of the faces of our family and friends. I remember¬†asking Calvin, “Is this really happening, right now?!” and he just looked at me and smiled. There are so many moments I love looking back on, and that is definitely one of them.¬†I ended up getting out of the car and asked everyone to line up again so I could read it again since I was just too excited to pay attention the first time. The signs read Hayley, this may possibly maybe potentially be the start of…HAPPILY EVER AFTER. For those of you who know Calvin and I, we always joked when¬†people asked that we may “possibly” “potentially” “maybe” get married one day so this couldn’t have been more accurate and personal to him and I. After the fact, Calvin admitted to picking up the wrong balloons (they were supposed to be pink, gold, and white), but hey! life is about the imperfections. And honestly, I was so thrilled I didn’t even notice.

From there, we proceeded into the house where I was handed a sparkling glass of pink champagne (my favorite (: ) and was asked to take a seat next to a prettily packaged set of presents. I got to open each one while surrounded in the warmth of family and friends. In each package I received a different component of an entire proposal outfit. untffsitled



From there, Calvin instructed me to go and put everything on. Nothing better than getting to dress up in a beautiful brand new outfit! Once I entered the bathroom, Calvin had also left me a letter. I am a total sucker for Calvin’s writing and ¬†am notorious for crying whenever I read it. I am pretty sure he likes when I cry (; While I will keep the subject matter of the letter private, some things are meant to be, at the end he told me to get ready because we’re going to dinner! Where?! Who knows! 11011457_10207813772248830_8863360487156270858_n[1]

After I finished glamming up, Calvin and I left¬†for dinner. I may not have been told where, but I had some ideas. Calvin and I are not only sentimental about places, but we are also creatures of habit and like going to our favorite haunts regularly. I was pretty convinced we were going to Napa Rose (the restaurant we go every year on our anniversary), but I wasn’t totally sure. Once we got closer and closer I was more convinced and even more excited! We LOVE this restaurant. The food is amazing, and the ambience is unreal. I am also a total sucker for anything Disney! I don’t have any pictures of us at the restaurant, but here we are leaving to go and below is the restaurant. Look how handsome my future hubby is! (:

11696013_10207813772448835_3538204880264360901_n[1] DSC06451

Dinner for me¬†was one of the best parts of the proposal just because we got to spend some time absorbing this moment. Proposals are such an amazing moment in your life and they usually go by in the blink of an eye. But Calvin and I really got to live in this moment and relish in it!While we were at Napa Rose, we were actually seated next to this elder couple who were also having dinner. They eventually started talking to us about life, and we found out they both had gone to USC. It’s amazing what an instant bond you have when you are in the Trojan Family. Calvin eventually revealed what occasion we were celebrating, and they couldn’t have been more happy for us. And they gave us some of their very expensive wine to celebrate! Whoohoo! Quick note, we literally got asked a million times what occasion we were celebrating and it was torture not getting to shout from the rooftops that he was proposing!

After an amazing dinner, Calvin and I got back in our car and headed to an undisclosed location. On the way to this “secret location” Calvin received a text letting him know it wasn’t ready. So he needed to stall, and we knew the perfect place to go. TARGET! Whenever we tell this story everyone laughs that we went to Target in the middle of the proposal. But honestly, I cant imagine it any other way. It is sooooo US! We are huge Target freaks and love to just spend a Saturday afternoon running errands there.¬†After some serious shopping, we headed to the next place. The South Lake in Woodbridge. Of all the places we went during our proposal, this is definitely the most meaningful to Calvin and I. This is the place where we went on our first dates, where he asked me to high school dances, our first kiss, the list goes on. So it was a natural place for our next big step.

When we stepped out of the car, we walked along this beautiful pathway lined with candles, rose petals and lanterns. It was stunning! Only to behold the bench where we first kissed with twinkle lights above it, a gorgeous blanket, and some special books. I couldn’t help myself from taking a picture. 65934_10207814016414934_4561800036043668122_n

From there, Calvin asked me to sit down and he gave me our new blanket with our initials. So cozy! I then proceeded to read the five Golden Books that were placed on the bench. I have always loved these Disney Golden Books and I love that someday we will be able to read the books Calvin gave me to our children. What was even more special than these books is that Calvin had written bookmarks for each of them telling me how our love pertained to the fairytales. He is so romantic and I will definitely keep them forever.


Hayley, You are a girl who inspired me and taught me how to have a dream. Your adventurous side will have us traveling the world and I can’t wait. Even though you aren’t the most talented girl in the kitchen, I know that one day you will be just as fierce as Rapunzel with a skillet11755081_10207831534932886_5330843920376957852_n

Hayley, I love my Southern Belle who would sometimes rather spend time reading than spend time with me. You are a true twenty first century woman and I love your independence. Our tale may be as old as time, but it is one that will last forever.


Hayley, they say to fly all it takes is “Faith, Trust, and a little bit of Pixie Dust.” You have brought all three into my life. I admire your strong faith in God and us and the trust you have that all things are possible, but the best thing is that you really believe in Pixie Dust and all things magical.IMG_1414

Hayley, I didn’t just meet the most beautiful princess “Once Upon A Dream.” I met her in real life. You are everything I ever dreamed of in a girl. You are faithful, ambitious and breathtaking. When I realized you love to nap, I knew I had found my own Sleeping Beauty.


He is such a jokester!


After being thoroughly romanced, Calvin asked me to stand. This was THE moment! Since our relationship is based firmly in our faith, Calvin took this incredibly important moment to pray. We thanked God for all of our blessings¬† and each other. Then he got down on his knee… For me, there will be no better moment than when he asked “Hayley Lauren Patton, Will you marry me?” I had in my head a pre-planned answer to his question, but honestly it went all out the window in that moment. I am pretty sure I blacked out from happiness. As Calvin likes to put it, it was the easiest decision I have ever made.

unt.liitled   untitleduntitled

From here we proceeded to our Engagement Party!

Come back next Tying the Knot Tuesday to see our beautiful Engagement party.

Special Thanks to my Uncle Kirk for being the behind the scenes photographer. I am so glad we have these pictures to relive the moment.

Below is the first picture we took as an ENGAGED couple. 11709599_10207814016854945_3103511571102837811_n